∷LEADING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY GROUP.LTD∷is a small and medium HONGKONG international trading company which production , distribution , export merges into an organic whole .there are a working office in YIWU and GUANGZHOU respectively. The main business of our company is a series of electronic machines’ spare parts and accessories. Such as playstation2,playstation3, xbox360, psp, gameboy sp, nds, ndsl,wii, and so on. The products inc handles , batteries ,adapters ,bags, covers , faceplates , remotes controller , cooling fan , kits , memory card , lens etc.
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Our company is proud to provide the following services:
1-The company provides the best sources which are compatible with the needs and timings of our clients once they reach China .
2-We provide hotel reservation services in the targeted cities according to clients' needs and with the best prices and minimum costs .
3- Transportation services are available once clients reach China. They will be driven from the airport to their hotel upon landing and when leaving.
4-Client services are available for each client from the moment they are contacted. Our client services will escort the clients in their visits during working hours.
5-After the clients are done with their visits to their targeted places, we prepare meetings to get the final decision about the best pricing and standard .
6-Once the clients have chosen the suitable products, we coordinate with them for final approval and conditions, and on behalf of the client we proceed with the first payment to the chosen source to start the production.
7-The company is responsible for all the transactions regarding shipping the products, the company is responsible to send all these transactions to the clients and once they are finished send the products to them.
8-The company can provide shipping services to Dubai and then ship it to any place in the world. The shipping service costs depend on the products' type .
9-The company provides after sales services to make sure of the quality of the shipping and safety of the products. In case of any damages in the products, the company is responsible of taking the necessary actions.
10- The company provides tourist programs to the clients who are interested in tourism guides in China.  
11- The company also provides hospital reservations and arrangements for the clients who are coming in purpose of treatment.
12- We finalize the fees and payments with the clients depending on the service they ask for, either commercial or tourism and treatments.

We are honored to serve you.



The LEADING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY GROUP.LTD, are looking forward to your cooperation.

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